You're on your own for an entire week!


40+ participants... check, crazy projects marketplace... check, mailing list, repos, twitter hashtag, teams, permanent online conference tools... check, check, check...

Yeah, I think we are ready to have a week off and let all of you on your own. Because it's ΠWEEK time! So what the hell is ΠWEEK (PiWeek: Personal Innovation week), you ask? Our way to ensure we spend time creating new stuff, solving exciting challenges, contributing back to the community, as long as we use free & open source software and we show a functional demo by Friday afternoon. We have one of these awesome ΠWEEKs every six months (July and December). Actually before Taiga had a fully dedicated team it was born and accelerated through various ΠWEEKs at Kaleidos (the creators of Taiga), so you can imagine how excited we are about it!

You should experience some human lag when writing to support but we will immediately attend any serious issues and the devops team (our friends from FLOSSystems will keep a 24/7 watch as they always do.

Some examples of projects this ΠWEEK are; games (zombies, renaissance Venice), online platform to draw/build wireframes/protoypes, openstreetmaps, galactic simulators, polygons generator, devops tools, decision making tool for the masses, rocks and minerals collection, 3D printing materials online repo and lots of open source community work.

A ΠWEEK is not a contest, there are no (official) winners, we simply enjoy a full week to work on innovative projects either alone or in a team in a race to produce an exciting result that might not have any further consequences or could lead to another project like Taiga! That's the beauty of it, the total freedom we have.

We encourage any organisations or companies out there to set up their own ΠWEEKs, the trick is to plan them ahead so that they don't come as a disruption to ongoing work or projects but as a natural pause from everyday work everyone is looking forward to.

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