Taiga Sunrise

First off, thanks for taking Taiga out for a spin. After 3 years of development (on and off at first and then as its own company in the last 6 months) we're excited to turn it over to you.

It all started with a team at Kaleidos a Madrid-based company that builds software for both large corporations and startups. The team there is a lively happy bunch who feel that free & open source is the way to go when choosing tools. These guys and girls are fast-paced, burn with an obsession for failing fast, and demand transparency and certainty in order to be at the top of their game.

Though much of their time is spent working for clients, several times a year they break off for their own Personal Innovation Weeks (ΠWEEK). These are week-long hackathons dedicated to personal improvement and prototyping internal ideas of all sorts.

It didn't take long to agree on a project for the first ΠWEEK batch. Project Management. For their regular work, the team at Kaleidos used a variety of tools, but they weren't enamored with any. Either they were bloated with features, slow, ugly to look at, unintuitive, expensive and remarkably in some cases - all of the above.

And so, Taiga (internally code-named project Greenmine) was born. The team wanted a challenge; they wanted the project management tool that sits open on their computers all day long, to serve as a continual reminder of why they love to collaborate, code and design. Month after month, the tool became increasingly more beautiful, flexible, powerful, elegant, simple to use and fun.

In early 2014. The tool was being widely used on all of Kaleidos' projects. The team was loving it, and the clients were raving. It was time to graduate. Taiga Agile, LLC was formed in Feb 2014. When we turned our attention to raising money to feed this hungry beast, we didn't have to look far. Kaleidos' own developers and designers, its customers and its investors all dug deep into their pockets.

We named the tool Taiga after the forest biome because like its namesake, the tool is at the center of an ecosystem - your team, your projects. In our minds, the taiga presented a faithful metaphor for software projects in general: They look great from the outside, but once you're in, if you're unprepared it can be pitiless and deadly inside. We built this tool to ensure that you don't just “survive” the Taiga, but also enjoy its beauty.

A great project management tool can help you see the forest for the trees. We couldn't think of a more appropriate name for what we've built.

At Taiga you'll encounter a friendly, beautiful interface, with a few geeky references and a rebel bias against tools used to engender needless accountability. While building it we've had incredible support from our families, friends and clients. They are as excited as we are to bring it you in its full Free, Open Source glory.

Take it. Play with it. Gives us feedback. Be part of the Taiga community.

There's a lot more where this came from. In the short term we're still dealing with bugs and enhancements. We are listening carefully to all your feedback. Keep it coming.

You can expect continued improvements, enhancements, and features to come your way. Then in 2015 we will surprise you with a major set of features that will blow your mind and change the way you manage projects forever.

We think that in 2015 when you get your hands on Taiga 2.0, you'll look back at this original release, which has garnered such wonderful and generous praise, and you will nod and say “Oh, yes 1.0 was good… But 2.0… now that's something!"

See you on Twitter, Github and hopefully every morning when you come in for work!

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