Taiga6 pre-announcement

Taiga6 SCRUM & KANBAN shots

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The Taiga Team is super excited to share all the great news about the upcoming Taiga6 release. Taiga6 dwarves Taiga5 and Taiga4 combined! and sets course to consolidate its position as one of the major players in the Agile Project Management arena. Also, it's open source!

Why are we so confident? Well, we know what's coming and even if Taiga6 is just around the corner we couldn't wait to give you all a bit of a sneak peek. Let's go!

Taiga6 will enjoy a full UI revamp

Yeah, that's right! We thought it was time for a complete visual overhaul. Over the past two years we made sure we improved Taiga's slick UI, we even changed the default skin but, to be honest, this is a completely different story.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you have it.

Taiga5 vs Taiga6 filter comparison

Taiga5 Backlog filters (left), Tauga6 Backlog filters (right). Click to enlarge.

We have made sure that anyone familiar with the existing Taiga UI will need just a few minutes to get used to the new one. And they will absolutely love it. It's just better in every way, making it very difficult to go back to Taiga5.

Take a closer look at this before&after montage (Taiga5 left, Taiga6 right).

Colour palette, typographies & icons evolve, but also toolbars, item placement & interactions.

Taiga6 will bring a completely new KANBAN board

Did you know almost 40% of Taiga users prefer KANBAN over SCRUM? KANBAN is deceptively simple as we explained in this blog post "Why is KANBAN not working for me?" and yet a lot of people choose an organic flow of tasks instead of a more pre-allocated chunk of work in SCRUM Sprints.

Now, this means that we need to make sure people can keep using KANBAN for ever if that's what works for them and so we have made major changes to columns, filtering, zoom levels and overall view. But, most importantly, we have added swimlanes!

Most probably swimlanes will make KANBAN teams less prone to try out SCRUM but Taiga is all about choice and flexibility so if it works for you, we're fine.


New KANBAN with swimlanes support. Click to enlarge.

Taiga6 will bring completely new SCRUM Backlog and Sprint taskboard

SCRUM teams out there enjoy a great Backlog+Sprints view as well as the current Sprint (or sprints) taskboard. We made sure that for big teams and large projects, Taiga6 backlog approach could handle hundreds of user stories much easily. Tags support, Epic user story relationships and filters have been redesigned. Also, sprint summary views look much better now.

On a daily basis, teams tend to focus on the Sprint Taskboard, our most feature-rich Taiga "page". You can handle user stories, subtasks, linked issues and even isolated or recurrent tasks plus the Sprint "personal burndown chart". The same way the new KANBAN borrowed great ideas from the Sprint Taskboard, the other way round also applies here.

Taiga6 Sprint Taskboard

Taiga6 Sprint taskboard detail view (sprint burndown chart is collapsed). Click to enlarge.

Official Taiga6 docker images

Look, we launched Taiga almost 5 years ago. We said to ourselves, "keep it simple stupid!" Focus on having a sustainable SaaS model based on open source. So we documented how to install Taiga yourself and moved on. When you have tens of thousands of installs per week you know you need to pay attention to those self-managed instances. Some people (actually, a lot of people) just like to have all their productivity tools on site. And we get it, if you know what you're doing and there's value in self-hosting your Taiga instance in a commoditized private-cloud world, just go for it.

At the same time, this huge install-base kept relying on our great documentation and community driven docker images (kudos to so many people here, you rock!). We want to keep encouraging that but we also understand we need to provide an official docker image and distribution packages. So, starting with Taiga6 you will be able to use our trivial one-liner install option. For those of you that couldn't care less about self-hosting Taiga, come join us on our cozy SaaS offer.

BTW, in the meantime, Taiga5 already has an official Taiga Docker image. Go fetch it here.

Final comments

Taiga6 will witness a much different world than what we knew a year ago when we drafted our future plans. And yet, we wouldn't change a thing about our plans (well, except for the docker image). Our new major release is right on target to offer a solid agile-focused open source project management platform for cross-domain teams. If anything, Taiga6 will come out when it's much needed. Taiga6 is also a fabulous team player so expect great news around seamless integrations with your favourite git and chat tools :)

Stay tuned, Taiga6 will be ready very early 2021. And Taiga 6.x will bring much more, but let's write one post at a time!

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