Taiga Ursus Americanus Release (2.1.0)

So named after the magnificent king of the Taiga, the Black Bear, which the Native American Indians considered a symbol for the free spirit; surely something we can all aspire to become!

By Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Public domain) Photo by By Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Public domain)

Many important things have taken place on May 3rd's: in 1965 satellite TV was used for the first time, In 1851 much of San Francisco was destroyed by Fire, or more apropos, in 1654 the Bridge at Rowley, Massachusetts began charging a toll for crossing animals.

So May 3rd then is the day we at Taiga begin charging a toll (modest and fair - we hope) for our service. It's our way of building a sustainable business to continue delivering a service that will increasingly delight and support your own work. We look forward to having you as a happy, paying customers. Naturally, our free plans will remain in place.

There are a few goodies in this release:

Added sprint title on search results for user stories

Projects are becoming more and more complicated to manage, we respond to that with an enhancement that makes it easier to search and filter User Stories. if a User Story is already included in a sprint, it will be visible on the search results. Thanks to @everblut

New support page

We have a new fresh new look for our support page. It's better organized and seeks to provide answers quicker. You can help us continue to improve the content by contribute to it in our Github repo

Taiga Tutorials at Taiga.pm

Oh, and please check out the awesome work by our friends at Taiga.pm. This is a very cool, completely unsolicited, blow your mind generous work from members of the Taiga community! If you are onboarding new users or want people to fly through, simple Taiga tutorials, this is a must!

Improved our webhooks

We've received many an email with suggested improvements for our webhooks. We hear you, and here are the first batch of improvements. Developers rejoice:

  • We added permalinks to keep the reference of the update.
  • Seriously improved our webhooks data.
  • Improved webhook legibility on changes.

CSV reports

To enhance your reports we added two long awaited fields. The estimated sprint start and end fields.

Is that all? Of course not! We nailed many small and not so small bugs and made a good number of small fixes.

Happy Spring!

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