Taiga Sarracenia Purpurea Release (1.8.0)

Meat Lovers rejoice! The Taiga 1.8 Sarracenia Purpurea Release is aptly named after the carnivorous Northern Pitcher Plant, the famous bug-eating plant common to the Taiga in much of northern Canada. The Taiga development team has been as busy consuming bugs as a football field-sized patch of Pitcher Plants. But more importantly we have a star line up of features that will surely have you cheering with us.

Sarracenia Purpurea by Björn S Photo by Björn S

With no further ado, this is what we have for you this time around:

Improved Menu

Yes! We have a brand new menu and header design! Navigation should be fast, user friendly and unobtrusive, giving you as much space as possible so you can stay focused on your projects. As a new feature, you’ll find fast access to your projects and to your profile (more below!) or even to the support pages.

New Menu!

New Home Page

Logged-in users can now enjoy a new home page with a new dashboard featuring the Working On section that shows user stories, tasks and issues your are currently involved and the Watching section with tasks you are currently watching

What was I working yesterday?

New User Profile

Keep track of your work with the new timelines and share your work with the Taiga community. Access to all your projects and keep track of your contacts work as well. Remember to visit your profile to fill in your bio and showcase your skills.

The Man in black! :)

We changed the place where you access your user settings, now its in the top bar, always available!

Buttercup editing her profile

My projects Page

You can now list projects in whichever order you prefer. Now you decide which has priority at any given time.

Give priority to your projects

New projects profile

Let your projects speak for themselves. Now your team (or anyone else) can know what’s going on with your project and what’s coming next. Be sure to add a nice project description and any other details to make it easy for everyone to follow progress on your project.

The Pricess Bride Project!

Public Projects

We've now enabled public projects!! Share with the world your project status and let them participate in your projects! We also enhanced SEO to make your projects searchable and findable on the web. Remember if you don’t want your projects to be publicly accesible, just toggle the private / public setting to “Private”. Check out our 'The Princess Bride' sample project

And remember private projects are free in Taiga until January 2016!

The Pricess Bride Project!

Under the hood improvements:

Improved Drag&Drop

User Stories in the backlog panel now move with greater ease. And now you can select multiple User Stories in the backlog panel by using the "shift" button when making a selection.

Enhanced Global Searching

Taiga now lets you search by issue, tasks and user story reference thanks to the contribution of @artlepool

New Languages Added

Willkommen! Welkom! Added German and Dutch languages! Would you like to see Taiga in your own language as well, help us translate it at Transifex

Improved performance

Remove some unnecessary calls to the api.

Lots of small and not so small bugfixes.

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