Taiga Picea Obovata Release (v1.2.0)

Taiga Day Photo Credit: Sharon Mollerus

Picea Obovata, a name you won't ever forget! Or, “P.O." as we call it internally, is of course the name of our newest software release, and the name of the Siberian Spruce that lives in the Taiga from The Urals all the way east to the Magadan Oblast (where, incidentally we don’t have any users, though we do have almost 2,000 in other parts of Russia.)

As may be near and dear to the hearts of some of our 665 users in New Zealand, Picea Obovota is used to brew the (popular?) Spruce Beer. Drunk in NZ since the days of Captain Cook in 1773, and then popularized in the Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce Ale recipe by none other than Benjamin Franklin.

Ahh… so heartwarming indeed to see how Taiga’s community is linked in so many ways… So...on to what we brewed up for you in this release:

Things you can see

  • Inline editing. SWEEET! We’re click-killers… Doing our obsessive best to remove unnecessary clicks. You can now edit user stories, tasks and issues without having to enter that pesky “edit” mode.
  • Multiple User stories Drag & Drop in the backlog. Dealing with multiple user stories at the same time, reordering them or moving them to sprints is now easier. Just select and move them together.
  • Quick Glance Status of a User Story in a sprint. When you’re on the main Backlog screen and look over to the User Stories in your current Sprint, you can now see when a User Story is complete and easily see those that are still open.
  • Attachment dates. We added date stamps to the attachments. Just hover over the filename.
  • Custom Invitation text. You can now add a personal text when inviting someone to a project.
  • TAIGA loves Movember! Our logo, and our team (except for the ladies) are growing beautiful November mustaches in support of Movember.

Pesky bugs

  • Multiple layout fixes. Particularly for laptop screens.
  • Multiple language support by Taiga fonts. Improves rendering of fonts in various languages.
  • Redesigned markdown editor. New icons and UX.

See you next release.

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