Taiga Picea Mariana Release (3.3.0)

Greetings! Are you ready for yet another release of Taiga.io? It's time for 3.3.0 "Picea mariana"

Named after the black spruce, Picea Mariana is a species of spruce tree in the pine family, very common in the North American taiga. And we like it because like us, it is a slow-growing, stalwart and upright - ell we're not that slow growing. Did you know we're up to almost 300,000 registered users since launch?

Picea Mariana

Anyway, on with the show! So, here's what we have for you:


Now, whether you run your own Taiga instance (and there are thousands and thousands of you out there) or enjoy our cloud-based one at taiga.io, you can send real-time notifications using our API. A big thanks to our userdomitese who sent us a much up-voted request. With notifications being too old-school for her, she wanted "As a user... to have a notification system in place that lets me know when a user has added a comment designated to me." So now there's that, and more!

Remember, drop us a line with your thoughts, requests, desires (limited to Taiga of course...)

Live notifications screenshot


Yes, you like your deadlines, don't you? So be it. Now, there's a new field labelled "due date" allowing manual entry of due dates on User Stories, Tasks and Issues. We even made it so the icon changes color to indicate urgency and impending doom, as the due date gets closer and closer. Enjoy (maybe?)

Due date detail screenshot Due date kanban screenshot


And you like your teammates, don't you? So much so that you want to be able to assign the same user story to multiple members.

Okay, you go it! We know, sometimes, you might not need to know who exactly will take care of a specific User Story, sometimes, it takes more than one person to change light bulb. So, if you like working in "party" mode, now you can. Knock yourselves out!

Multiple assign screenshot Multiple assign screenshot Multiple assign screenshot


And to wrap up the more notable improvements, we added an icon to allow deletion of a card right from the Kanban board or task board.

Shaving milliseconds for you.

Delete card screenshot

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