Taiga On Premise launch, 4.2 release and end of old pricing


We are launching Taiga On Premise as a flexible "no strings attached" private Taiga deployment for organisations who are saying no-no to SaaS, but still need proper support. Also, we released 4.1 and 4.2 with some very nice features. In May we're also saying goodbye to our old pricing model (which pre-March 2018 users) and setting up a transition plan for the remaining accounts.

Taiga On Premise

Who would've thought it, right? That "behind your firewall" deployments would make a comeback? Well, be it for privacy or corporate security reasons, our data shows that users are increasingly want managed instances behind their own firewall. Perhaps the Cloud/SaaS model has proven a bit too unreliable for some organizations, perhaps events like data theft by the likes of Cambridge Analytica are causing concern.

At Taiga we're happy to oblige and adapt to what our client needs; So here it is, an option for fully supported Taiga deployment that run on YOUR OWN infrastructure.

Our service comes in several flavors depending on your needs. From the "all-in-one" server for up to 100 users, to a high availability behemoth for more than 2000 users. If this is interesting, start the conversation, let us know specific needs by going to https://taiga.io/pricing and selecting "Self-managed" tab. We'll be able to customize to your infrastructure ecosystem requirements with ease.

Taiga On premise

Oh! And we're excited to have none other than the Fedora Project (RedHat sponsored community of developers and software) as one of the first On Premise customers. That's a BIG and demanding community. If we can do it for them, we can do it for you!

If you're interested in moving from taiga.io to your own Taiga server, that's fine as well, and we can help migrate your projects from one platform to the other. It's not something we plan to encourage or expect from taiga.io users but it's definitely an option. Taiga will still be downloadable for free (it remains Open Source) but if you run one of the thousands of independent Taiga instances, please don't expect similar levels of support from us. Our community however is a great resource.

So, if you'd like to know more about Taiga On Premise, just contact us via the form here https://taiga.io/pricing.

Taiga 4.1 and 4.2

We've been busy improving Taiga as well! Here's the most interesting new stuff from our most recent minor releases:

Negative filters

Negative filters

We had awesome filters for virtually everything in Taiga, but now have an advanced mode where you can specify whether a filter choice is meant to be positive or negative. If you really want to make sure something does not appear, select the negative filter for that. Of course, you can combine any number of positive and negative filters to suit your needs!

Promote Task to User Story

Promote Task to User Story

We had the infamous "It's not a bug, it's a feature" use case covered almost from the outset of Taiga, but some of you lobbied really hard for applying the same "upgrade" mode for tasks. And it's true, sometimes a task belonging to a user story becomes so big that it deserves to be its own user story. Now you can easily do this and still keep track of where that user story actually came from.

Display User Story in Sprint Taskboard

Display User Story in Sprint Taskboard

Also, regarding SCRUM, recently people have asked for ways to save you even more clicks, as you navigate to show user story status directly on Sprint Taskboard. It might seem trivial but we always make sure every bit of info shown doesn't come with unneeded visual pain.

Epic dashboard "closed" filter

Epic dashboard "closed" filter

Epic module allows you to easily keep track of multiple user stories' progress whether they belong to one or multiple projects. Overtime, the list of closed child user stories might become too cumbersome or even the number of closed Epic user stories so we added two nice little filters to let you get rid of them.

Hebrew and Basque languages added

Hebrew and Basque languages added

Did you know that Taiga has been translated to more than 20 languages thanks to our amazing community? It's one of the things about Taiga we're most proud of. We believe you should be able to use software in the language you choose, whether it's the modern lingua franca that English has become or any other choice. We would like to welcome Basque/Euskara and Hebrew/עברית (with RTL support, of course) to our growing family of supported languages!

In June 2019 old (pre-March 2018) pricing plans expire

When we first launched Taiga we were still learning how our pricing would fit our customer needs. We wanted to balance competitive pricing together with our need to have a sustainable business in light of the fact that we are a 100% open source development shop. Over a year ago we switched from a "number of projects" model to a "number of seats" model. To make the transition fair and palatable, we gave existing customers a year of continued "old" pricing in order to make the transition. In June 2018 that transition period ends.

The current model is much simpler and fairer. We got rid of the complex tiered project pricing. The new plan, which current customers have been using for over a year, charges you based on the number of users belonging to all your owned projects (one user account counts only once no matter how many projects they belong to). You always get unlimited private projects. So if you are still grandfathered under the "old" pricing scheme, you'll notice that the current plan will likely (not always) result in lower pricing, particularly if you're running a small team. If you're a big team, the opposite might be true. Still, we think Taiga's pricing is well within competitive margins offered by other platforms out there.

Users still being charged under an "old" plan will soon receive an email asking you to migrate to a new plan. We hope you'll stay with us! You can learn how the current pricing model works at our website

The date by which all plan migrations will have to be made is July 30. The sooner you migrate, the greater the discount. If by the 30th of July you're still on the old pricing, we will send a final notice and issue the migration automatically. If you're fine with the pricing change, you're free to ignore our notices. Your invoices and charges will be made as always.

If you're unhappy with the change and have concerns with the pricing, please reach out. We're not offering special plans, but we do want to work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

For those of you want to benefit from big discount (up to 50% for a complete year), be sure to contact us before the the 31st of May with an approximate number of users and the existing Taiga billed account.

What's next?

We have more good stuff coming in 2019. First, we expect Taiga On Premise to be BIG! We are also planning on a 5.0 release that will feature a complete overhaul of the detail view for user stories/tasks/issue as well as a brand new dashboard focused on helping you decide what to do next when you have conflicting priorities as well as being able to see your colleagues' dashboards (where permissions allow for).

We want to continue our work on performance, particularly on KANBAN and give KANBAN a bunch of new features. Also, we plan to merge some project sections that make more sense once they're together. The TaigaApp deal is will soon be implemented into taiga.io allowing you to use mobile TaigaApp for free if you're a paying customer.


And let's not forget about Taiga Seedtime! Sorry for the radio silence on this one. We got enough feedback from selected teams on this "fun and productive agile estimation tool" and we are almost ready to let you play with it very soon!

Lastly, we are planning to host our first Taiga Conference this year! We still need to nail down the details but if we find time this Autumn for such an event, you'll be the first to know :)

Thanks for reading all the way through the text-wall! happy Spring!

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