Taiga Larix Gmelinii Release (5.5)

Year 2020's unexpected plot twist has left many of us still in shock but among other things, we made sure we would continue to work to deliver a great agile platform for cross-domain teams. We even missed Taiga 5 announcement deadline and so we have decided to announce Taiga 5.5 instead. Taiga Seed, new fresh theme, Taiga App partnership and quite a number of changes make up for a wonderful release.

Larix Cajanderi

By William (Ned) Friedman - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 source

We will try to keep this short and simple, we know you're in a hurry. Taiga 5.5 was released this week and it's packed full with big and small improvements.

The big stuff

Taiga Seed (beta) is here! A great new Taiga module to make backlog estimations fun, productive and fast! Meant for both small and big teams, whether gathered around or remotely connected, you will be able to crack down tens of user stories in minutes. We are excited to see how Taiga users will be using Taiga Seed in their projects and what will come out of that. Let's bring no-bullshit estimations to Agile!

Detail view redesign

Taiga Seed says "Congrats!"

We will be rolling out Taiga Seed as a taiga.io only service for now, while it's still in beta stage. Make sure to watch our short Seed tutorial.

New Taiga Fresh default theme! We have been rolling out the new default Taiga theme for quite some months now. We think it's really cool. Taiga Legacy will remain there for nostalgics! Just go to your User Settings and select your theme of choice, there are a few options available.

All four Taiga themes

Legacy - Fresh - Material - High Contrast themes loop

Finally, we stroke a great deal with German company TechFunder who developed their TaigaApp for smartphones using our Taiga API. If you are a paying customer, you get TaigaApp for free, just make sure to get your discount code and enter it on the app after clicking in your profile avatar. While it's not an official Taiga product, we do like to promote these contributions so give it a try and let us know what you think, it's free!

The regular but still great stuff

Epics filter improvement: If you're using the Epics Module in your project, you'll see more filter options there.

Detail view initial redesign: We moved things around a bit and made some improvements on information hierarchy.

Detail view redesign

Subtle changes that make a huge difference

Better subtask to user story promotion workflow: We initially cloned issue-to-userstory workflow here but that was wrong. Subtask-to-userstory actually kind of clones the whole thing and deletes the originating subtask. That fits the mainstream use case much better.

Make project roles available as watchers/assigned: This was suggested by the community as a shortcut to add many watchers at once, just select the role and bam! Everyone's added!

Adding roles

You can now bulk assign users through roles

Improve comments section ordering and input: Sometimes it was a but messy to get comments section order right. It's now clearer. Also, we fixed some nasty input focus issues.

Better KANBAN filter and loading times: When people have hundreds or thousands of cards (you think we're kidding?) loading times for certain zoom levels was not ideal. We fixed that.

Detail view redesign

Loading times and filtering for KANBAN has been improved

Verification link for new user registrations: We postponed this as much as possible but in the end we had to concede victory to the standard. New user registrations now require validation link via email.

Update backend stack to Django 2.2 LTS: It was time to upgrade our backend stack to the latest LTS. This is under-the-hood changes but sysadmins and devs will welcome this overhaul.

Taiga and COVID-19 hackathons

We have seen a sudden surge in COVID-19-themed hackathons around the world and Taiga has been indisputably considered the best platform to setup them, specially if you're into the hundreds or thousands of projects and you need a simple and publicly accessible platform for your participants.

Be sure to contact us if you are seriously considering a massive hackathon! So far, we hold the unofficial world record with 7.500 participants and 700 projects in a 3-day COVID-19 wondrous hackathon in Spain in April.

Final comments

Taiga 5.5 represents the last major step before the new path towards Taiga 6 by the end of 2020. We will be releasing a special announcement in September to share the great news about Taiga 6 as a product and Taiga as a company. A major evolutionary stage is upon us and we are really excited about it. Stay tuned!

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