Taiga goes to FOSDEM 2015!

It has become a tradition for us, to attend FOSDEM (Free & Open Source Developers' European Meeting) every year since Taiga's parent organisation, Kaleidos, was born in 2011. Why? Because it is re-energising and addictive.

Fosdem Photo by Theo Verelst

When we released Taiga to the public many people thought that the source code had been kept hidden until that moment and so we inevitably got questions as for "why open source it now?". And while it's true that developing in the open and using a free & open source license are not necessarily linked, Taiga's latest incarnation of its public repositories is almost 2 years old now and the reason we made that choice is for things like FOSDEM.

FOSDEM is a melting pot for code, community and honesty. Its non commercial approach, free access and university location makes everyone feel like they are inside a bubble, a bubble in which you share what you've got with your peers while having a beer (literally). The quality of the talks and speakers are basically random and the 5.000+ geeks that come every year will interact with FOSDEM in many different ways. Some will finally meet their online co-developers, others will try and squeaze themselves into the packed full "rock-star"-driven talks, while many of them will just open their laptops and enjoy a 3-day hackathon knowing that virtually any major Free & Open Source project is present at FOSDEM one way or another.

Between Taiga and Kaleidos I think something like 15 people will be there. We will arrive on Friday and leave by Sunday or Monday. Jesús Espino and Alejandro Gómez from the Kaleidos/Taiga bundle will give a couple of talks but most importantly, we will try and make ourselves visible (offline and online) so we can meet any of you interested in knowing the technical aspects of Taiga, make suggestions or even ask for a demo.

We would love to interact with anyone that feels that Taiga is something more than yet another project management tool. We come to FOSDEM to enjoy it as individuals but if you see anyone with a Taiga t-shirt like this one and he or she is not running, I think we can safely say you're allowed to stop us and start a conversation :)

Taiga T-shirt

See you all in FOSDEM!

Taiga Day

  • Twitter account @taigaio might be a very convenient way to let us know you're around.
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