Taiga Empetrum Nigrum Release (1.7.0)

For the past month we've been keeping our head down - just coding, coding and more coding. This release we name in honor of the Black Crowberry (Empetrum Nigrum). It's an edible berry- not massively popular as a food unless you live in the subarctic regions. It also appears to have some medicinal qualities. So we figured, if anyone has any,send them our way to help help heal our strained computer monitor-induced eye soreness.

Empetrum Nigrum by Ole Husby Photo by Ole Husby

This release you get:

  • The long-awaited and extensively beta tested Redmine Migrator. Here's a bit of trivia. When we first built Taiga we called it Greenmine. We needed to get off Redmine and that's why we built it. So if you're still on Redmine, the traffic light has changed from Red to Green! Go on, press the accelerator, fire up the importer and see how much nicer your projects look and feel dressed in Taiga Green! Learn more about how.

  • Next up, Taiga now speaks languages! Don't be saddled with English, if it isn't your language of choice, we add Spanish, Chinese, French, Finnish and Catalan for the moment. We need to get to 100% strings translated before we can turn on a language, and we still need your help. Here's where we stand thanks to the Taiga community members who have contributed thus far: Chinese (96%), French (91%), Finnish (89%), Catalan (85%), German (85%), Czech (56%), Slovenian (55%), Hindi (47%), Portuguese (Brazil) (26%), Portuguese (26%), Japanese (22%), Rusian (22%), Polish (10%). Others are just below that. So help us to get to 100% - just go to Taiga projects at Transifex and translate as much or as little as you'd like. Anyone out there want Taiga in Esperanto? Pig Latin? Learn how to change your prefered language.

  • We added Jitsy web conferences.

  • When exporting CSV reports, we also now added exporting of tags.

  • Taiga contributor Δndrea Stagi also released a Let's Chat plugin (it's still in alpha).

  • And even though it's all under the hood, lot's of small and not so small bugfixes.

We have now grown to just over 42,500 registered users who have initiated just under 40,000 projects!

And finally, some Taiga users have asked about our funding and opportunities to invest in our company. Until now we have funded the company internally, however this coming June we will launch a small new round of financing, so if you or someone you know is interested in learning more, please contact Enrique Posner (co-Founder & co-CEO) at eposner@taiga.io.


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