Taiga Dryas Hookeriana Release (v1.3.0)

Dryas Hookeriana is a member of the Rose family (a Rose by any other name….) Like Taiga's Madrid-based development team, it prefers a sunny to half-shady situation. Come to think of it who, other than some select politicians would prefer a half-shady situation?

Taiga Day _Photo Credit: simroser_

Well, enough of that…. The Dryas release is action packed. First off:

New features

  • Github Taigatize your GitHub Repos! - We now integrate with GitHub!

If your code lives on GitHub, you´ll love how Taiga's simple, intuitive Project Management sits over your projects. Please be patient, we are integrating Taiga into GitHub in several stages. With Phase 1 now complete. You can:

  • One-click log into Taiga.io with your GitHub credentials.
  • Change the status of User Stories, Tasks and Issues on Taiga with a GitHub commit message
  • Sync Issues and comments generated on GitHub with Taiga (one-way for now)

Be sure to clear your cache and log out before logging back into Taiga.io to access all the Gitness. To integrate your repositories, be sure you have admin privileges on the given Taiga Project, then go to Admin / Third Parties and follow the instructions.

UI Improvements

  • In Kanban, you can now collapse a column to rail thin-ness, improving horizontal scrolling.


  • Quite a few bug fixes, big and small.

p.s. Speaking of big and small, this week we tip our hat and bow deeply at Dr. Matt Taylor and his team who did nothing more than, oh say.... land a probe on a comet after a 10-year interplanetary cat and mouse chase. Makes little 'ol Taiga Dryas Hookeriana Release (v1.3.0) seem a trifle petite... Let's see what we can cook up in v1.4 to make up for it....!

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