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It is really amazing the community we have all managed to gather around Taiga.io and open source in general. Highly qualified professionals that share their time and knowledge to help each other fulfill their aspirations with their projects. It is truly inspiring what we all can do when we are surrounded by a positive, productive community. That is why we are launching a series of articles that will showcase people and ideas that have been critical to Taiga.io and its journey.

We want to start with Taiga.pm, the main website where you can find information about what Taiga.io can do for your project. Our good friend Saj is one of the leaders of this amazing project. Having a conversation with him about the tight relationship between Taiga.io and Taiga.pm and the team behind Taiga.pm was something we are thrilled to post. We hope you enjoy!

For those who doesn’t know about Taiga.pm, could you briefly introduce it?

Taiga.PM = Taiga Project Management

We advertise Taiga.pm as a quick how-to guide for everyday project management activities with Taiga.io. We aimed at creating an “online help” website that would show potential Taiga users how easy it is to work with Taiga and, of course, provide a quick reference guide for Taiga’s feature for current users.

Tell us about the personal background of the team behind Taiga.pm

A passionate team is behind the start of Taiga.pm: one Senior Technical Writer, turned frontend and backend developer and one Senior Project Manager, who have been working together for over 10 years now.

We are also supported by other great team members: a Developer, a Designer, a CSS Specialist and a QA tester. Recently, we had the chance to acquire the partnership of 3Net.fr N Enterprise Technology who is now bringing their expertise to the table as well to help us maintain Taiga.pm!

How do you get to know Taiga.io?

The project manager instantly recognized Taiga’s potential, went with an idea to the Technical Writer and then Taiga.pm was born.

What drives you to create a project like Taiga.pm?

This started because we wanted to promote Taiga. We wanted to promote the idea that Taiga and Project Management go hand in hand and cannot be separated, hence Taiga.pm. So, we thought that if we explain how to use its features, people will start moving their projects to Taiga.

Very often, the simplest things can make or break great ideas, ours was to make all features accessible to anyone, so they don’t miss out on Taiga.io’s potential and see what we see!

GIMO is one of the heavy users of Taiga.io and our community has benefited from its feedback. What has made GIMO get so heavily involved with Taiga.io?

It is never easy to get a tool to be widely adopted; we had seen a number of tools fail in our organisation. You can imagine various reasons but getting a group of a few hundred people use any project management tool on a daily basis is a challenge in itself. With a great interest from our CTO and curiosity from our Senior Project Manager, we got all Projects Managers, Team Leaders, Business Partners and Tech Specialists to use it on a daily basis.

We had to sell and show why Taiga.io is a great tool, of course, this is never easy, but if the product is indeed great, it helps. This is the case for Taiga.io and we managed to spark an interest in everyone. Taiga.pm is essentially the translation of our one to one interactions so people understand how good and simple it is to use Taiga.

We actually use Taiga.pm to train people internally. We just give them the URL and they can learn more on their own.

Gimo is not a company composed mostly of developers. How do you deal with interdisciplinary teams? Have you implemented agile methodologies throughout the company?

Indeed we have, but again getting any methodology to succeed in any company you need persistence and focus. This is mainly managed by internal methodologies and constant discipline thanks to a great management team and great employees.

As you know, a large part of Taiga's corporate culture is based on the principles of open software. In addition to your contribution to the community with Taiga.PM, do you collaborate or develop free software projects in GIMO?, have you ever asked for help to the Taiga.io community?

We are well aware of that fact and we actually think is really great. Having said that, our projects are quite confidential, so we have not used the community contribution. This does not mean that in the future we won’t seek help within the community if we have a new specific project. Again Taiga.pm helps us and will help us explore this side of Taiga even more.

When you think about the open source movement, would you imagine more businesses making public their projects and code?

Depending on the nature of the projects and actors involved, we do! More and more new exciting ideas and platforms are going open source. We know a great team working on an open source based project at GetCouplet.com, which will be launched soon. Taiga was used to manage this project.

With the experience gained with the visitors of Taiga.pm, what do you think are the most common doubts when starting to manage projects? Do you think that agile methodologies help teams with little experience?

Agile methodologies do help. Main thing is to show and “convince” people they do. And this can only be done by showing, in a short amount of time, the great features and benefits of a software tool like Taiga. Either via Taiga.pm or by demonstrating directly.

I remember telling the cofounder of Taiga, the small basic things make the great big enterprises. Because from the moment you not only generate interest but also maintain it, you won.

Do you recommend Taiga.io?

Without hesitation! We do this all the time. Inviting some of the Trello users for example to switch to Taiga or promoting it when relevant to friends and business partners.

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