Taiga Betula Pendula FOSDEM 2015* Release (1.5.0)

We start off 2015 with the aptly named 1.5 Taiga release, Betula Pendula (which sounds very funny if you say it 5 times quickly.) Betula Pendula, more commonly known as the Silver Birch, has attributes that make it the perfect namesake for 1.5.0.

Taiga Betula Pendula

Betula Pendula forged a path of expansion not dissimilar to our own; originating in Europe, and then extending eastwards to China, Siberia, Turkey, Iran and beyond, not long before being introduced into North America where it is considered an invader. Which begs the question, is Taiga.io an invader? It certainly feels that way sometimes with over 20,000 projects initiated on our platform by about as many users!

Our community is growing at a rate of about 100% month over month, and if our Twitter followers are anything to go by, this is precisely the highly talented and very discerning group of developers and designers we were hoping to conquer!

But enough about you….

We took our time getting this release out (you did know we had our weeklong ΠWEEK hackathon, right?) Anyway, we couldn't be happier with the improvements coming at you:

New features

  • Slack integration! Who isn't amazed by the hockey stick growth of this fabulous chat app? We certainly are, and we know many on Taiga.io love it. Putting us together is like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Bogart & Bacall, Gin & Tonic…. You get the picture.
  • Hall integration Chit, chat, chit, chat. Some folks just can't get enough of it. Some in our team really like chatting in the Hall (as in Hall.com) so they went off and built an integration with that great tool without telling anyone. Now we're telling you...
  • Gogs integration Go all agog with Gogs written in Go! If you want your own self-hosted Git service to repose your code internally, all nicely connected to Taiga, Gogs is yet another Open Source painless way to go. Go go, go.
  • Import/Export Projects If you love something, set it free, right? So go on - move your projects in and out, from our hosted version to yours, or vice versa. Or in and out of other tools. Data wants to be free!
  • Webhooks Use them to integrate services. Be it a budget, time tracking or accounting system, a hookup with your twitter, or to light a bulb every time an issue is solved! Be sure to let us know what cool connections you concoct so we can share them with the community.
  • Simplified Self-Hosted Installation The front end is now fully compiled, making the overall installation process way easier and faster.

UI Improvements

  • Email redesign We improved the design of Taiga's email templates, making them more aesthetic and easier to read.
  • Better loading pages and spinner So you will always know when something's happening.
  • Archive User Stories Out of sight, out of mind! Now completed User Stories can be archived in Kanban view.
  • Hide past Sprints The past is the past, why dwell on it? Now by default old sprints are hidden from view so you can focus on the here and now.


  • Improved browser compatibility Taiga will look much better on naughty Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Speed Improvements Both our front and back ends gain Tesla-like speed boosts due to reduction in API calls. In some back end functions we managed up to 90% speed improvement! More coming.
  • General Bug fixes Our team left only the scaby, dried splattered remains of the bugs they squashed this time around.

Roadmap: Here's What's coming

Near term (next 30-45 days)

  • Custom Fields You will be able to track any variable you need in Taiga by adding your own custom fields.
  • Redmine Importer Redminers get a chance to see what their projects look like on Taiga with just a few clicks of the button.

Mid term: (by Spring)

Taiga.io is going SOCIALLLLL! Starting in April, search through Taiga's growing directory of over 20,000+ projects and discover a wealth of Team & Project info. Follow, track and be alerted to changes in User Stories, Backlogs, Sprints, Tasks and Issues of Public projects. Discuss, invite and be invited to collaborate on projects from around the globe. But don't worry, starting Spring, if you still want privacy for your projects - at no cost - you can have it. Simply toggle a new setting indicating "privacy please!" Incredibly affordable Paid plans for continued privacy will then be available starting in the Summer.

Mid-Mid term: (by Summer)

If our you're still not in love with Taiga after our Spring release, we have yet another BIG SUMMER SURPRISE that we think will be beginning of a beautiful friendship. If we don't get you after that, you're just playing hard to get.

Other Business & Very Important Announcement

As announced by email to folks subscribed to our newsletter, we are delaying the introduction of paid plans. Initially we said they'd be coming in the Spring, but for those of you who want to pay (and there are few of you who've said as much- thank you!) we're keeping things as they are until Summer. Remember that paid plans on Taiga.io are intended for those pèople who want to use our cloud version and keep their projects private. For all others, Taiga.io remains gloriously open source and free.

On a lesser note, our Redmine importer tool is getting awfully close to release. Anyone else out there interested in testing the preview version, drop us a line at support@taiga.io

  • A tip of the hat to Fosdem 2015, The Brussels Open Source Lollapalooza where you'll find the Taiga.io team. Look us up Jan 31 / Feb 1!
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