Taiga Alnus maximowiczii release (v1.1.0 )

We start off our celebration of the Taiga (the real one and the software) by naming our first post-release changelog, the Alnus Maximowiczii release (v1.1.0 ). We celebrate this species of Taiga inhabitant, an Alder tree native to Japan, Korea and the Russian Far East, and we salute our 2,482 visitors from those countries

Taiga Day Photo Credit: Sten Porse

This release is chock full of bug fixes, minor navigation enhancements and lots of under-the-hood fixes that may not be apparent to everyone.

New features

  • Real time synchronization. You and your colleagues, working on the same project will instantaneously see any change anyone makes. Yes!
  • Issues can become User Stories: With one click, you can promote a pesky issue or bug that will take lots of work to fix and make it its own User Story.
  • Made it easier to attach files to issues.
  • Our Blog is live at http://blog.taiga.io. Welcome, come right in.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements (worth mentioning)

  • We improved the metrics reported in the taskboard and backlog headers so they are more meaningful to you. Are they? Let us know.
  • We squashed a bug that was causing strange behavior of browser autofill and angularjs on the login page.
  • We slapped down a bug preventing User Stories from being properly ordered on sprints.
  • We hunted and mortally wounded a bug that was messing up the project navigation on first page loading.
  • We shot dead an issue with searches not coming up correctly
  • We did serious damage to a bug that was altering the order of User Stories on the Backlog
  • We massacred a poltergeist causing strange behavior on create/destroy/create sprint process


  • If you are downloading and installing your a Taiga instance on your own servers. You can now use the following documentation to guide you: Taiga Documentation.

Here’s what’s on our current sprint:

Major Stuff

  • UI improvements - Minimizing number of clicks to get stuff done (using inline edits)
  • Drag & Drop multiple user stories at one.
  • Redesign of the http://taiga.io landing page
  • Wizard User Interface for Redmine migration (umm… many of you asking about this one)

See you next week.

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