Taiga Abies veitchii Release (v1.4.0)

What better name to give this early Christmas release than Abies Veitchii, a tree native to the Japanese forests occasionally grown to become Christmas trees? Hey Taiga users in Japan, send us a picture of your Abies Veitchiis....

Taiga Day Photo Credit: Koichi Oda

So, let's see... what do we have for you this time?

New features

  • If you like your code repositories opensource, and you use GitLab, you're in luck. Taiga now integrates with GitLab!
  • If you prefer BitBucket, you're also in luck. BitBucket integration is also online now.
  • Check our the new Team View feature to see which team members are working on a project
  • Unhappy with a project? Use the "I'm outta here" here exit a project feature

UI Improvements

  • We did some Taskboard redesign to take better advantage of the screen real estate and help you see more of your project. Rows and columns can now be shrunk as well.
  • We improved usability in tablets. But note we still don't support tablets
  • We made some other general usability enhancements


  • We killed tons of little bugs, including layout errors with certain browsers.
  • Improvements to concurrent editing. Now when more than one person is editing the same field at the same time, the system not only alerts the users to avoid overwriting the work of a colleague, it doesn't complain if small differences within blocks are different and accepts all changes. Oh... the little courtesies that make life bearable...
  • We migrated to the new version of angular (1.3)

We took some time off as well. In fact there was long weekend last week and we did absolutely nothing, zilch, nada. But we'll make it up, we promise.

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