Taiga Abies Sibirica Release 1.9.0

We welcome Taiga 1.9, baptized Abies Siberica after this sturdy Siberian fir that can easily withstand 50 degrees below freezing. To this beautiful tree we owe essential oils used in perfume and aromatherapy.

Taiga Abies Sibirica by Zhongyuan Xu Photo by Zhongyuan Xu

So speaking of things that smell good, here's what we have for you this time around:

Favorite Projects

Favorite projects and save them in your favorites list.

Favorite Projects

Upvote User Stories, tasks and issues

Upvote User Stories, Tasks and Issues. Track the most popular User Stories and Issues in your project backlog and keep a list in your profile of those which you've upvoted.

Upvote User Stories, tasks and issues

Follow User Stories, tasks and issues

You can now watch User Stories, Tasks and Issues on public projects without being a team member and receive updates in your email. Track them from your profile section.

Follow User Stories, tasks and issues

Better onboarding

We know that using a new tool requires some effort. To help you and your team members we created a better onboarding experience so you don't miss any of the basic features in Taiga. Follow (or skip) our joyride and reference our new placeholders to better understand how Taiga works.


Configure notifications level

"Too much information is disinformation". Now, in our Slack and Hipchat plugins you'll be able to select what relevant notifications make it to your channels.


Taiga Themes

With our new themes you can skin Taiga any which way you like. We created some default themes (high contrast, material…) and now you can make your own and share. Here’s a link to the guidelines on how to create Taiga themes. Special Thanks to @astagi

See how to create your own themes.

New themes


Enjoy a handy dandy autocomplete for usernames, User Stories, Tasks, Issues, and Wiki Pages in the text areas. For example when entering text in the editor, type @+ text and up pops a selector with relevant users. Type # + a number and up pops the list of user stories with that number. Special Thanks to @brettp


Custom Video Conferences

Don’t like our choices for video conferencing platforms? Choose your own by simply inserting the url of your preferred tool in the configuration of the videoconferencing module.

Under the hood improvements

Things that were nagging us (and you) that needed fixing

  • Taiga’s search engine now supports full text searches and incomplete words.
  • Improved compatibility with BitBucket’s and GitLab’s API’s. Now when you create Issues and comments in Bitbucket or GitLab, they are automatically created in Taiga.
  • Now when you comment on a User Story, Task or Issue you are automatically added as a watcher in order to follow its progress.
  • We improved the project export system, which no longer crashes when exporting big projects.
  • The timeline is now more useful and relevant, and shows only the content of the User Stories, Tasks, Issues and Wiki pages in which you are involved and not the content generated by all your contacts. Information overload be gone!
  • Don’t want to see the burndown chart on the backlog panel? Now you can collapse it.
  • We included a Caps lock warning in login and register form to reduce login errors. Remember, your username and email are case sensitive!
  • Now notification emails which you open in outlook will appear threaded

Work done by members of our awesome Taiga community

And for which we don’t deserve much credit - if any

Image preview

If you add an image as an attachment, you can now see a preview of it in a lightbox. No more opening the image in order to see what it is. Thanks to @brettp.

Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian!

Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian users rejoice, Taiga now speaks in your voices. Please help us with more languages. Join our 206 translation collaborators and help us offer Taiga in your favorite language. Translate as little or as much as you want. Go here: https://www.transifex.com/taiga-agile-llc/

Want to help us develop a feature you need or is missing? Please reach out to support@taiga.io and we’ll help with anything you need.

The techier improvements

  • Support for authentication via application tokens. We built a new system to authenticate third party apps, similar to the systems used by Google, Facebook and Twitter. You can now access Taiga data from 3rd party apps using your Taiga login credentials.
  • You can now change the state of multiple elements with one single commit message For example by typing tg-2 #closed tg-23 #in-progress element reference number 2 would move to “closed” and number 23 to “in progress.”
  • We added sha1 hash to the API in order to verify the integrity of attached files and ensure that the files you downloaded are exactly the ones you intended. If you synchronize Taiga with other tools, this allows verification that the file is the same on both platforms. (thanks to @astagi).
  • We are now compatible with the new stable version of Python 3.5.
  • We migrated to the latest stable version on django 1.8.
  • The webhooks also got some love. We added deleted datetime to webhooks responses when User Stories, Tasks or issues are deleted.

Many other small and not so small bugfixes.

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