Taiga Abies Bifolia Release (1.6.0)

This release we pay tribute to our North American users by Christening our next release, with one of their native species, Abies Bifolia. Or as the less scientific amongst us would call it, “that Christmas tree in the corner.” These are the species that you will find yourself looking to avoid if you’re still planning to get in some last minute spring skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Not much else to remark about this beautiful fir, though wikipedia does have an interesting tidbit about some indian tribes who drank or washed in Abies Bifolia for purification or to make their hair grow. Food for thought for those of us with receding (or receded) hairlines.

Taiga Abies Bifolia Photo by Gerry

The 6th release of new Taiga features brings a couple of the most heavily requested features. Many of you want to not just use Taiga, but interact with the rich data that comes out of it. This release is all about helping with that. We're also very proud to highlight here some of the code being created by Taiga community members to make the tool do the things they need without waiting for us to do it. That's what Open Source is all about, isn't it? We look forward to lots of more of that!

New features we built:

  • Custom Fields So finally, they’re here. Many of you asked for Custom fields in order to be able to track stuff. The lack of time tracking kept some of you from using Taiga the way you wanted. Now there is no excuse! Click here to learn how it works.

  • CSV Reports This one was also high on many people’s lists. You want to slice and dice the data like the chef at Benihana. So be it. Get your knives ready, Taiga generates lots of data to sift through. Here’s a tip on how to generate csv reports.

  • Admin Panel UI refactor OK, we admit it, the “Custom Features” section in the admin was shall we say a tad messy… Well it’s been tidied up and now looks spic and span. By the way if you’re interested in etymology, head over to wikipedia here to learn where that expression comes from. Quite amusing.

  • Open Design Repo Would you like to help us with UI, or simply provide feedback? Taiga design is now open source as well in GitHub. Head on over there.

New features you built:

How cool is it that some of you out there are building Taiga plugins to benefit everyone else? Here are some of the new tools you can add (if you’re running your own Taiga instance): Oh, and go ahead and pin a star on their GitHub repos. They deserve it!

Don’t be shy. If you have a feature that Taiga just HAS TO HAVE, build it yourself. We’ll help in any way we can. Reach out to us at support@taiga.io


  • General Bug fixes Them bugs, they crawl incessantly out of the woodwork, and just as quickly we look to squash them. No shortage of dead disgusting, rotten carcassas this time around.

  • Plugin based authentication Users of self-hosted instances can now easily build plugins to manage user logins without dependency of Taiga's code base.

Roadmap: Here's What's coming

Our team has now grown to 10 developers and it seems that the more people join us, the more there is to do. We crossed the 30,000 registered folks mark, and you all certainly have opinions (which we love). Things on our roadmap get bumped up the moment someone pipes up with a complain, so please complain away!

Coming in the next release:

  • Redmine Import tool This one has been under limited beta test (reach out to us if you want to join the beta and we’ll give you the keys to kingdom right away.) For the rest of you, that tool is coming up next.

  • Public projects How cool will it be when you can see what's going on inside some of those 28,000 projects that have been created? Who's involved, what they've done, what features they're working on. What their roadmap looks like, and so much more! Coming up, those who chose not to stay private will be able to strut their stuff publicly in front of all you 30,000 awesome developers, designers and project managers! Who know's what beautiful friendships might emerge!

  • Localization support Many of you have volunteered to help with the localization into German, Korean, Chinese Spanish, French and many other languages. Soon we’ll be ready to call you volunteers up and turn Taiga into Babel.

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