Our first TAIGA DAY

The week before we launched we had planned an off-site. We wanted to celebrate the way we work and how strongly we feel about free & open source software, about the community and what makes a team truly remarkable. It all boils down to culture so we concentrated on that and decided to enjoy our day, the TAIGA DAY.

We started off with a great breakfast on our terrace. People started showing up, munching and chatting before we started the "private demo" given by the Taiga team.

Taiga Day Taiga Day

Alex, Taiga's Product Owner, led a spectacular demo, showcasing what was being developed. It was simply amazing and we simply knew you were all going to love it. The team was especially proud of the real-time notification system that allows people viewing the same screen regardless of location to see exactly what everyone is doing in real time. Applause continually interrupted the demo.

Taiga Day

The Taiga development team is based in Madrid, so off we went to the Retiro Park, our version of Central Park. We gathered at a nice area with benches and trees. We ate lunch (healthy and not-so-healthy) while we speculated on how startups and agile developers would respond to our work. At the time we had no idea we would cause such an impact, but all the same we were feeling very proud of what we had accomplished over the past 18 months.

Taiga Day Taiga Day

Next, it was time for games. I had prepared a Charade-type game with concepts and terms that related to coding, design and agile culture in general. We split up into 4 teams and I started showing the "mystery" term or concept. Each team had 45 seconds to try and score. Terms like "deprecated", "offtopic at the daily", "groovy", "inkscape", "service oriented" (it's a private joke...), "bitbucket", "project's defcon", "functional programming" or "windjammers" kept us in stitches for hours.

Taiga Day Taiga Day

Back at the office we had a beer tasting event waiting for us thanks to Andrey who had ordered a a nice selection from a local store.

We would encourage any organisation to have their own TAIGA day (or whatever you decide to name it) focused on celebrating YOUR culture.

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