Taiga Sarracenia Purpurea Release (1.8.0)

Sarracenia Purpurea by Björn S Meat Lovers rejoice! The Taiga 1.8 Sarracenia Purpurea Release is aptly named after the carnivorous Northern Pitcher Plant, the famous bug-eating plant common to the Taiga in much of northern Canada. The Taiga development team has been as busy consuming bugs as a football field-sized patch of Pitcher Plants. But more importantly we have a star line up of features that will surely have you cheering with us.

Does documentation fit in an agile setup?

'type set' By Florian Klauer If you have read the agile manifesto, you’d have definitely noticed the second line “Working software over comprehensive documentation”. So, what does this mean? No documentation at all, or few documents here and there - just for the sake of it! I am sure, you’d have faced documentation related problems somewhere during a project. Take this scenario for example - there is no documentation for a particular module, and no one has the time to explain it to the new developer who just joined. Now, you have boatload of work to be done (and so a new developer) but new joinee can’t work (at least not very fast) because no one is free (remember the boatload of work) to tell him how to work. Of course, you followed the agile manifesto - but what about such situations? They surely deserve to be nipped in the bud, and so, it would have been great to have some documents to help the new joinee here. But, the problem here is of sheer pace at which teams work, they forget and sometimes even ignore documents because that is not in the tasks list.

Taiga Empetrum Nigrum Release (1.7.0)

Empetrum Nigrum by Ole Husby For the past month we've been keeping our head down - just coding, coding and more coding. This release we name in honor of the Black Crowberry (Empetrum Nigrum). It's an edible berry- not massively popular as a food unless you live in the subarctic regions. It also appears to have some medicinal qualities. So we figured, if anyone has any,send them our way to help help heal our strained computer monitor-induced eye soreness. This release you get:

4 things I learnt in 5 months with Agile

Free for commercial use / No attribution required Let me confess - I am a newbie to the world of Agile. During 5 years of my career as a software developer, most of the time, I have followed the more traditional software development methodologies like waterfall and incremental development. It was recently that I joined a new project with dev teams in multiple locations - and they followed Agile. It’s been five months now, and I thought it is the right time to share whatever I learnt in these 5 months.

Agile terms you must know

Photo by Eric Lefevre-Ardant In our continuous quest to engage more organizations and product managers towards greater efficiency and productivity - we have created this list of Agile related jargon that you may face during your mundane activities. If you are new to Agile, or still thinking about moving to Agile methodology, this is your resource to get all the terms right.

4 steps to get started with Agile

Photo by David Elfanbaum Lean is a buzzword these days. Every organization wants to be lean, to be able to do more and better things, with fewer resources. They also want to be agile - in a sense of quicker turnaround time and faster solutions, the key attribute of Agile methodology.

User stories demystified

User stories, user stories everywhere!! In one of our previous blog posts, we took a close look at how Agile is widely used across industries, contrary to the popular belief that agile is only for software related activities. In that study we also found some pain points- one of them was difficulty to get started. Lets face it, Agile methodology is great at helping you churn out products at faster rate, but it comes with its own set of jargon which sometimes proves very difficult for newcomers to handle. In this post today we will focus on few such terms, specifically- user story and the user story points. We will see how can these be used to simplify projects, and of course how to set them up in Taiga.

What is Kanban?

Photo by JD Hancock There has been a lot of talk about Kanban recently. Many software development organizations have picked up Kanban based approach to speed up their growth. There are several great Kanban specific tools available for personal and professional use, e.g. Trello, Taiga, and even Visual Studio by Microsoft. So, what makes Kanban such a great way to manage software development - and why should you give it a thought.

Agile as a management tool for non-IT industry: an insight

Photo by Alex Jones Ever since its inception in 2001, the Agile manifesto and the Agile project management methodology has been primarily thought of, as a tool for software companies to drive productivity. But what about non-IT, non software companies? Don’t they deserve to be productive and gain efficiency using the best practices available?