Taiga Larix Cajanderi Release (4.0.0)

Larix Cajanderi 2018 has been a great year already for the Taiga family. We continued to grow (even with no marketing expenditure!), we continued building a solid tech support team, and we enjoyed receiving amazing feedback to every single one of our three releases.

Taiga Pinus Contorta Release (3.4.0)

Pinus Contorta Welcome to Taiga release 3.4.0, Pinus Contorta, named after this popular tree also known as the lodgepole, shore or twisted pine. The name was suggested by one of our team members, Alex, who pointed that this release is chock-full of the most highly desired enhancements. We hope it proves as popular with our community as the Pinus Contorta is beloved in the Western United States.

Taiga Picea Mariana Release (3.3.0)

Picea Mariana Named after the black spruce, Picea Mariana is a species of spruce tree in the pine family, very common in the North American taiga. And we like it because like us, it is a slow-growing, stalwart and upright - ell we're not that slow growing. Did you know we're up to almost 300,000 registered users since launch?

Taiga Plans for 2018

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash For us at Taiga, 2018 looks like a very promising year. Last year was a year for us to consolidate and make sure our system works and scales even as more and more members join. And we're proud to say it was smooth sailing. No network glitches or performance problems. Robustness, security and reliability of the platform was our top priority and we think we worked diligently in the background to strengthen and improve everything "backstage".

Taiga Community: Taiga.pm, getting to know Taiga.io

Taiga Community It is really amazing the community we have all managed to gather around Taiga.io and open source in general. Highly qualified professionals that share their time and knowledge to help each other fulfill their aspirations with their projects. It is truly inspiring what we all can do when we are surrounded by a positive, productive community. That is why we are launching a series of articles that will showcase people and ideas that have been critical to Taiga.io and its journey.

Kanban insights: a new agile project management methodology

Kanban Kanban has meant a breakthrough for many teams that used methodologies like Waterfall or Scrum. Their differences and similarities have been a topic of discussion for many agile project management experts and their teams. This subject has already been tackled in this blog but today it is worthwhile sharing the magnificent conference at Talks at Google by Eric Brechner.

Taiga Perovskia Atriplicifolia Release (3.1.0)

Perovskia Atriplicifolia Hack, hack, hack, that’s all you hear these days when people refer to Russia. They seem to be everywhere, just like our release’s namesake, Perovskia atriplicifolia, or as it’s more commonly known, Russian sage (not to be mistaken with the Russian President, who some also think of as a sage.) No, our tribute remains squarely rooted in biology; it is to this beautiful flowering plant with medicinal qualities that we dedicate this release. To those who say hack, hack, hack, we say, heal, heal, heal!