Help - There's no one at the controls of!


Have you ever dozed off on a plane and then woken up in a cold sweat, having dreamt that the pilots had bailed and no one was at the controls?

Well, for the development team at it's that kind of a moment. Only it's not a dream. Our favorite time of year is upon us when we basically blow you off for a WHOLE WEEK and think only ourselves! Starting Monday, Taiga users you are on your own! - We've off to ΠWEEK [1]

We call it the ΠWEEK (PiWeek: Personal Innovation week) and its weeklong hackathon; we code for ourselves, on the projects voted by our team, to have fun, learn, challenge ourselves and to grow as developers and designers.

This year its 15+ projects and 40+ people. Extraordinary amounts of caffeine, a lot of sleep deprivation, some Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and loads of satisfaction. Follow our #piweek timeline at Twitter

[1] You're not really on your own. If anything goes wrong we're all over it! But please be patient with other non-urgent support issues. We'll be slower than usual.

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