Taiga Picea Mariana Release (3.3.0)

Picea Mariana Named after the black spruce, Picea Mariana is a species of spruce tree in the pine family, very common in the North American taiga. And we like it because like us, it is a slow-growing, stalwart and upright - ell we're not that slow growing. Did you know we're up to almost 300,000 registered users since launch?

Taiga Plans for 2018

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash For us at Taiga, 2018 looks like a very promising year. Last year was a year for us to consolidate and make sure our system works and scales even as more and more members join. And we're proud to say it was smooth sailing. No network glitches or performance problems. Robustness, security and reliability of the platform was our top priority and we think we worked diligently in the background to strengthen and improve everything "backstage".

Taiga Perovskia Atriplicifolia Release (3.1.0)

Perovskia Atriplicifolia Hack, hack, hack, that’s all you hear these days when people refer to Russia. They seem to be everywhere, just like our release’s namesake, Perovskia atriplicifolia, or as it’s more commonly known, Russian sage (not to be mistaken with the Russian President, who some also think of as a sage.) No, our tribute remains squarely rooted in biology; it is to this beautiful flowering plant with medicinal qualities that we dedicate this release. To those who say hack, hack, hack, we say, heal, heal, heal!

Taiga Stellaria Borealis Release (3.0.0)

Photo by Bart Busschots Named after this amazing stellar plant that hails from the northernmost part of the  Northern Hemisphere. Stellaria takes their name from the stars in the boreal sky that they resemble.  And so it is with this, our newest, biggest-ever new Epic release: star-filled with shiny features that will make your mind glow!

Taiga Pulsatilla Patens Release (2.0)

NPS / Jacob W. Frank: Denali National Park and Preserve To celebrate beautiful hairy things, we've name Taiga 2.0 the Pulsatilla Patens release, named after this beautiful purple, slightly hairy flower native to Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Canada and the United States. And why not? It's been hairy getting to 2.0, but it is indeed beautiful (code).

You helped us win the best agile tool 2015 award

Taiga&Kaleidos Team with superpowers I am writing this post at 39.000 feet on my way back from London to Madrid. Yesterday was a great day for Taiga but most importantly, we had so much fun! So there is this thing called Agile Awards in the UK. It has been going on for 7-8 years now and the different categories acknowledge various aspects of the Agile movement. Projects, people, initiatives... and for the first time this year, they added the Best Agile Tool award.

Taiga Abies Sibirica Release 1.9.0

Taiga Abies Sibirica by Zhongyuan Xu We welcome Taiga 1.9, baptized Abies Siberica after this sturdy Siberian fir that can easily withstand 50 degrees below freezing. To this beautiful tree we owe essential oils used in perfume and aromatherapy.