Taiga Abies veitchii Release (v1.4.0)

Taiga Day What better name to give this early Christmas release than Abies Veitchii, a tree native to the Japanese forests occasionally grown to become Christmas trees? Hey Taiga users in Japan, send us a picture of your Abies Veitchiis

Taiga Dryas Hookeriana Release (v1.3.0)

Taiga Day Dryas Hookeriana is a member of the Rose family (a Rose by any other name….) Like Taiga's Madrid-based development team, it prefers a sunny to half-shady situation. Come to think of it who, other than some select politicians would prefer a half-shady situation?

Taiga Picea Obovata Release (v1.2.0)

Taiga Day Picea Obovata, a name you won't ever forget! Or, “P.O." as we call it internally, is of course the name of our newest software release, and the name of the Siberian Spruce that lives in the Taiga from The Urals all the way east to the Magadan Oblast (where, incidentally we don’t have any users, though we do have almost 2,000 in other parts of Russia.)

Taiga Alnus maximowiczii release (v1.1.0 )

Taiga Day We start off our celebration of the Taiga (the real one and the software) by naming our first post-release changelog, the Alnus Maximowiczii release (v1.1.0 ). We celebrate this species of Taiga inhabitant, an Alder tree native to Japan, Korea and the Russian Far East, and we salute our 2,482 visitors from those countries