Why is KANBAN not working for me?

Screenshot of Taiga showing the kanban modeWhen teams all over the world try to adopt agile methodologies, sooner or later they will be faced with a key question - Is KANBAN the right technique for us? Sometimes, they have known and experienced other agile techniques like SCRUM but most often they are new to agile to begin with. In this article I will try to explain what are some of the pros and cons of KANBAN and what common mistakes are unknowingly made so you can self-diagnose your particular use case, whether you're new to KANBAN or new to agile altogether.

Four Agile Antipatterns and a Big Fat Lie

Taiga's TeamIn any transition to agile methodologies there is a risk of maintaining old practices that survive in disguise as “agile adaptations”. In the medium term they become structural blocks, agile antipatterns that gradually reinforce this involution. I summarize four of these identified thanks to the involuntary help of Taiga users.

You helped us win the best agile tool 2015 award

Taiga&Kaleidos Team with superpowers I am writing this post at 39.000 feet on my way back from London to Madrid. Yesterday was a great day for Taiga but most importantly, we had so much fun! So there is this thing called Agile Awards in the UK. It has been going on for 7-8 years now and the different categories acknowledge various aspects of the Agile movement. Projects, people, initiatives... and for the first time this year, they added the Best Agile Tool award.

Our first TAIGA DAY

Taiga Day The week before we launched we had planned an off-site. We wanted to celebrate the way we work and how strongly we feel about free & open source software, about the community and what makes a team truly remarkable. It all boils down to culture so we concentrated on that and decided to enjoy our day, the TAIGA DAY.